In the many heavily polluted countries around the world‚ for more than 50 years a major reason for lack of progress has been‚ “What do you do with millions of tonnes of whatever has been recovered”?

In the case of oil‚ more questions arise; How do you collect it in such a way that the water content is minimal‚ and how do you collect it in quantity to make for economical recycling?

Our partner company‚ Gobbler Boats Ltd have solved the problems of water content and volume collection‚ but the next problem of what to do with it falls within the remit of EnviroRep.

EnviroRep has the ability to engage with shipping companies (tankers) and can arrange transportation of large quantities of oil to recycling facilities in Europe and the UK.

New facilities globally are being sought to increase our monthly tonnage‚ currently 200‚000 tonnes per month.


Firstly‚ the oil must be analysed and Certified as to type and quality. The recycle value of oil is based on such analysis. EnviroRep have certified analysts in place to carry out these procedures on site prior to loading and shipping.

It matters not how old is the oil‚ or its condition‚ everything has a value but the oil with evaporated volatile components has a lesser value than higher quality oil.

Subject to contract‚ viable disposal can be arranged with‚ (after calculated expenses) refunds from the profit to the host nation for re–investment and wages payments‚ into the pollution clean–up.

This also applies to BioMass produced by other recovery methods (GoSorb)‚ vegetation to fertiliser‚ and plastics.