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Gobbler Go-Sorb®, Hydro-Gobbler® and Govercraft®

GoSorb® is the latest version of a patented, highly absorbent, non-toxic material that contains a special fertiliser compound. It is waterproof and cannot sink, yet absorbs oil faster and more completely than any other product.

The saturated material is easily collected and can be compressed to extract excess oil, the resultant residue being the base product for valuable Biomass.

Govercraft® are a patented design for GoSorb® bulk spreading over large areas of oil polluted land, beaches or difficult to access river banks. Large tracts can be treated quickly and efficiently in a fraction of the time taken by alternative methods. The product is 100% recyclable for profit, (see above) and anything remaining can be safely ploughed into the soil where the fertiliser element assists growth. It can be used in combination with Hydro-Gobbler®, an Envirorep biological enzyme that digests oil, to regenerate polluted farmland in weeks rather than months or years. When needed, Hydro-Gobbler® is simply auto-calibrated to be spread at the correct coverage rate for the job in hand.

Not all oil compositions are identical from all exploration sites, but differ according to the extraction location.

Such oil can contain components fatal to certain enzymes, thus our enzymes are specifically engineered and custom matched to soil samples taken from the proposed remediation site, ensuring maximum compatibility and highest digestion efficiency of crude or other type oil pollutants.

Easily spread on oiled beaches and soft river banks by Govercraft®. As the machines lightly hover over the surface, they eliminate the need for armies of workers tramping around in the oil using diapers, nothing gets trodden in. Beaches are rapidly returned to their original pristine condition. For heavy soiling, more than one pass could be required for best result.

GoSorb® floats off on the tide. Deep rocky crevasses can be filled with material and hosed to clean or tide flushed naturally. All GoSorb® absorbent materials can be recycled to Hi-Energy Biomass.

In-house modular GoSorb® material Manufacturing plants are connected to increase production pro-rata.

A full range of larger multi-tasking Govercraft® will soon be available to deal with Ocean and off-shore oil spills, Plastic and other garbage collection. Please contact info@envirorep.com for up-to-date details.

In areas of low quality diesel fuel, it is recommended that Gobbler Hydra-Guard™ fuel additive is used in the fuel tanks of all diesel powered machinery to eliminate failure. All sizes from 500ml bottles to 20 litre barrels available. Please contact info@envirorep.com or info@gobblerboats.com