Water Reparation

Water Reparation

Clean water is the right of everybody, but when soiled by oil or poisons, inevitably sickness results.

Lakes and rivers are under attack from all sides by oil pollution and invasive vegetation, the result is the slow and painful death of every creature… and their co-existing human beings.

Shocking as it is… even after decades of neglect… it doesn’t have to be terminal.

The function of EnviroRep is to turn things around by cooperating with its partners, engaging with the locals and putting to good use the latest technology. Depending on location, water table levels vary but ultimately flows into rivers and lakes on its way to the sea.

Deep-down contamination must be addressed by bulk removal of the overburden, relating to many 1000’s of cubic meters of soil.

Time consuming though it is, once treated with GoSorb® and bacterial additives, fertility can be recovered in a matter of weeks. GoSorb® is a proven product of Gobbler Boats. It is non-toxic and contains a fertiliser additive that when combined with Hydro-Gobbler, a cultured bacterial product, the result is accelerated beyond the norm. Removal of the oil allows rainwater to permeate deep, cleansing the underlying fresh water to a palatable condition.

Invasive vegetation, the result of inter-trading and dispersal of seeds over millennia, causes lakes and rivers to die from lack of sunlight and oxygen. The water is tainted and undrinkable, the fish die and the indigenous people lose their livelihoods.

EnviroRep has access to the latest Govercraft®, a specially adapted and patented air-ride vehicle that can float over and cut the vegetation into moveable “islands”. Retro-fitted Gobbler boats then move the vegetation to a convenient location for drying, shredding and conversion to fertiliser.

The circle is complete. The water runs clean, the fish stocks recover, the people can fish and their families can drink. Fertiliser can be tilled into the newly created farmland and Cottage industries are born.

Any GoSorb® left behind is naturally absorbed into re-fertilised the soil.

Water Reparation

Sacred and other Rivers.

The Problem

To the detriment of rivers as the Ganges in India, Yangtze in China, Citarum in Indonesia, the Amazon in South America or similar, over the years sewage disposal and pollution control has not kept abreast of the population explosion or economic and industrial growth. Such rivers and their aquatic inhabitants have become the victims of “out-of-sight” dumping of poisonous waste and hazardous leakages.

The Solution

As a viable alternative in the event of no foreseeable waste disposal programmes, Gobbler has a range of accessories to deal with such problems. Fixed, or retrofit collection equipment can deal with multiple contamination/pollution problems. Single vessels and Govercraftcan help, but Group-working fleets are key to cleaning large swathes of waterways and banks for a cleaner, healthier down-river result, whilst creating valuable employment opportunities and cottage industries for the indigenous inhabitants.

Fish regeneration using Bio-Enzymes.

Removal of invasive vegetation from lakes and rivers will, having been deprived of sunlight and natural nutrients for a long period of time, uncover stagnant, de-oxygenated water and likely… no fish.

Fish require clean oxygenated water and food, normally in the form of plankton, surface insects such as flies and spiders or other small creatures.
They require shelter by way of stumps, bottom plants, reeds, mangroves and water lilies which are likely to have disappeared over the years from lack of sunlight.

If oil is found to be present, it must be dealt with in total and the body of water left to recover naturally for a while prior to the introduction of new fish stocks. Ideally there will be various species of fish introduced over a period of time. Breeding of all species can be accelerated by the introduction of natural bacteria enzymes, generally used in commercial fish farming, as an ideal way to get nature up-and-running in the shortest possible time.

To re-establish local fishing is a step in the right direction to return a long forgotten cottage industry to health, providing employment and a source of food for the indigenous people.

EnviroRep is the by-word for Efficiency, Performance and Success… the benefits are Universal.

Water Reparation