To help those in need in the many countries around the world who suffer from a multitude of serious pollution problems‚ Environmental Reparations CIC‚ as an independently operated Service Partner of Gobbler Boats‚ can get things underway. Services can cover a large range of different professions‚ thus what we’re able to offer is extensive‚ but it requires local involvement and attention to detail.

As a manufacturer‚ Gobbler Boats have a large range of pollution clean–up equipment‚ but logistics limit the number of their own people on the ground at any given location thus they are dependent on EnviroRep‚ together with the local population‚ to be actively involved in the Environmental Recovery of their own country.

When brand new equipment is delivered‚ it has been pre–tested and certified by Lloyds or DNV–GL surveyors in the country it was manufactured‚ everything is provided to enable work to start including electronic manuals‚ tools and on–board emergency spares.

Sometimes the beneficiary country will send their proposed operators to the Gobbler Training School in the UK. If not‚ EnviroRep will‚ subject to available funding‚ provide on–site training in the beneficiary country.

It is essential that crews know how to safely and economically operate specific machinery. eg; Gobbler OSRV’s require two crew members‚ a driver and a deck hand. The driver will be taught the layout of the controls and how to operate the on–board machinery from the helm position within the wheelhouse. The deck hand will be taught how to launch and retrieve the towed bladders‚ and how to quickly change them when they are filled. There is no heavy manual labour involved‚ a hydraulic deck winch is installed to pull the bladders to the boat and all changeovers are carried out on deck‚ not over the water. There are however‚ procedures to be followed for safe and efficient handling.

Similarly‚ the Gobbler range of Govercraft each perform specific functions‚ all machinery has protective guards but safety rules must be adhered to.

There are no exceptions to the rules for safe and efficient operations‚ care must be taken at all times to prevent accidents. EnviroRep will not Certify any employee who has not reached their high standards of operation.

This applies to all machinery in the Gobbler range… repeat… no exceptions.