Local Employment

Local Employment

Wherever there is pollution there is unemployment‚ poverty and greatly reduced life spans. Livelihoods are lost when polluted land can no longer support agriculture and dairy farming. Fishing is lost to polluted rivers and lakes and invasive vegetation takes hold.

This is the situation in many countries around the world‚ not just 3rd world‚ but emerging industrialised nations too who are ignoring the dangers at the expense of profit and the indigenous people are desperate for a solution.

The answer lies in organisation and resolve. No matter who is responsible for the mess‚ pointing fingers doesn’t get results… it is everybody’s problem and all consumers of oil products around the world should contribute.

The mess becomes a job‚ albeit a difficult job that mustn’t be underestimated‚ but a job nevertheless‚ and viewing it from a different perspective as EnviroRep does‚ creates boundless opportunities for change by generating cottage industries and high employment.

Take a look‚ what do you see? Oil in the water‚ on beaches‚ on land…Broken pipes‚ millions of gallons from leakage.

Because it’s a mess nobody cares and it becomes a dumping ground for trash‚ plastic and whatever.

Look again more carefully‚ what do you see? ……. Employment and everything good that comes with working for a living!


It’s not going to happen overnight‚ but with organisation and resolve‚ together with dedicated equipment such as manufactured by Gobbler Boats‚ every drop of oil can be captured and recycled for profit.

The more equipment you have‚ the more jobs created‚ the more oil recovered‚ the more oil sold‚ the more profit made. From profit come wages and more equipment… it’s a life style creating circle that never ends.

As the land‚ rivers and lakes are cleaned‚ so new industry begins‚ farming and agriculture‚ fish breed‚ tourism flourishes and HEALTH will gradually improve.

We are here to help you help yourselves‚ no Fraud‚ no Fuss‚ no Fear. Let’s do it!